The Saudi Umran Society Saudi HealthCare Architects. Fourth Saudi Forum For Planning and Design of Hospitals coming soon this April 05-07, 2016 – Under the auspices of the Minister Of Health. Venue: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center


Since the Saudi Healthcare Architects was established in 1433H, the members of the founding, and the executive committee are keen to activate the Saudi Healthcare Architects role in publishing the knowledge, and the culture in the öeld of planning, design, and equipping health buildings, through holding annual forums, lectures, workshops, and efficient participation and communication with universities, as well participation in the international conventions. The Saudi Healthcare Architects held the örst, second, and third Saudi Forums for planning and design of Hospitals,and the associated expositions in 1434, 1435 & 1436(2013,2014&2015) at Marriott Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, and At Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition center respectively.

The Fourth Saudi Forum for planning, design, and equipping Hospitals will be held at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition center from (26-28) Jumada II 1437, corresponding to (5-7) April 2016, in addition to organizing lectures, workshops, competitions, participating in post graduate studies and translation program, publishing and presenting abstracts, and represent Saudi Healthcare Architects in international conventions…etc. The Saudi Healthcare Architects is honored to invite all the concerned, Architects, Academics, students, consulting bureaus, and construction companies to participate in the various activities such as annual forum for planning, design, and equipping hospitals , the associated expo, lectures, workshops, and magazine.. etc 

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Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems

Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems

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The Design of isolation Rooms

the design of isolation

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First Saudi Forum

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